I belong to multiple communities, some based on my values and beliefs, others based on my job and interests. Lately, I have been investigating what it means to be an active community member in the place where I live. Being an active community member means being engaged in the well-being and development of your community. This can involve volunteering, participating in local initiatives, building relationships with others, advocating for change, and using your voice to make a positive impact. The benefits of being an active community member include:

Contributing to local initiatives: Volunteering, donating, or participating in local events and projects help improve the community.

Building relationships: Engaging with other community members can help you build connections, create a sense of belonging, and foster a supportive network.

Improving quality of life: Participating in community activities and initiatives can help improve the physical, social, and cultural environment for everyone.

Personal growth: Volunteering and participating in community projects can develop new skills, increase self-confidence, and provide a sense of purpose.

Engaging with local leaders: You can have a direct impact on important issues, bring about positive change, and make a difference by being an active community member.

The League of Women Voters is committed to promoting active community engagement and empowering individuals to participate in the democratic process. We use the consensus process to arrive at conclusions on issues, allowing members to learn, express their opinions, and come to a collective agreement. During Democracy Lobby Week, the League of Women Voters encourages individuals to get involved in the following ways:

Learn about the issues: Review the current issues the organization is focusing on during the legislative session.

Stay connected: Sign up for the Legislative Newsletter, which features easy-to-follow summaries of the legislative process, updates on key issues, and action alerts.

Use your voice: Respond to action alerts to have your voice heard on important issues.

By becoming an active community member and participating in the League of Women Voters initiatives, you can play a meaningful role in shaping our democracy and creating positive change in your community.

– Lee Murdock, League President