The League of Women Voters of Washington Condemns Interference with State Elections Offices  

NOV 9, 2023, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON] – The League of Women Voters of Washington President Mary Coltrane released the following statement condemning the interference with state elections offices:

“Sending suspicious substances to an elections office is an attack on democracy and could have put hard-working elections officials in danger. The League of Women Voters of Washington calls on candidates and political party leadership to issue statements condemning efforts to disrupt our elections. The League urges political party leadership to engage their constituencies in conversations that emphasize their sacred duty to protect our democracy by protecting our election workers and our ballots.

“Washington is a mail-in ballot state which provides voters with more accessibility to participate in elections. Voters need to trust that our elections will be secure and that those who seek to disrupt our democracy and risk the public health will face consequences. We stand in solidarity with all of the election workers continuing to count ballots from Election Day and we remain committed to making democracy work.”


Read the article detailing the incidents in The Cascadia Advocate “Multiple Washington State county elections offices just got envelopes with white powder