Clarifying Our Commitment: Nonpartisanship and Consensus Policy

In light of recent publications, we feel it is essential to clarify our organization’s dual commitment to nonpartisanship and our consensus policy positions. We believe that a clear understanding of this distinction is crucial.

The League’s nonpartisan policy is unequivocal. As per the national policy: “The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization. We encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government. The League acts in support of, or in opposition to, selected governmental issues which its members have studied. It does not support or oppose candidates, factions, or political parties. League members, as individuals, may support
candidates of the political party of their choice.”

We acknowledge our historical support for progressive values, dating back to our founding during the battle for women’s suffrage. Over the years, our dedication to improving the legal status of women, the welfare of children, and consumer protection has led us to advocate for policies considered progressive. This commitment continues, with current national policy positions, including fighting voter suppression, limiting the influence of big money and donor secrecy in politics, opposing racial and partisan gerrymandering in redistricting, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our organization.

It’s crucial to remember that the League has always been a place where individuals from diverse political backgrounds come together. We have proudly welcomed members from both major parties, minor party affiliations, and independents. In the face of today’s heightened partisanship, we maintain our dedication to encouraging thoughtful study and respectful debate when forming our consensus positions.

We invite all community members to join us as members, regardless of their political affiliations. We encourage ongoing engagement and involvement in the League because the better-informed and civically engaged our voters are, the stronger our democracy becomes.

Our mission, “Empowering voters. Defending democracy,” is a mission that resonates across our entire community. We all share the desire for better-informed and civically engaged voters. We are committed to this mission, and we welcome all community members to stand with us in achieving it.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with the League of Women Voters of Yakima County.

Lee Murdock
President, League of Women Voters of Yakima County