If you are a member of the League of Women Voters then you already know the importance of voting in local elections and how they are an essential part of our democracy, yet they often have the lowest turnout of any election. The following list of speaking points can be helpful in advocating for participation in local elections to friends or family.

  • Your Vote Counts: Local elections are decided by a smaller number of voters than state or national elections. This means that each vote carries more weight, and your vote can make a real difference in the outcome of the election. In fact, some local elections have been decided by just a handful of votes, so your participation can have a significant impact.
  • Local Issues Affect You: While state and national issues may get more attention in the news, local issues are the ones that directly affect your daily life. Local elections determine who will make decisions on issues like school funding, road repairs, and public safety, to name just a few. By participating in local elections, you have a say in how your community is run and the policies that affect you and your neighbors.
  • The Importance of Representation: Local elections are an opportunity to elect representatives who reflect your values and priorities. When you vote in local elections, you have a chance to support candidates who share your vision for your community and can work to address the issues that matter most to you. By electing representatives who understand and care about your concerns, you can help ensure that your voice is heard in the decisions that affect you.
  • Getting Involved: There are many ways to get involved in local elections, from volunteering for a candidate’s campaign to attending local government meetings and town halls.

If you’re passionate about your community and want to make a difference, you can even consider running for office yourself. For information on how to file and run for office visit the Yakima County Elections office.

Local elections may not get as much attention as state or national elections, but they have a real impact on our daily lives. By participating in local elections and getting involved in the democratic process, you can help ensure that your community is represented by the best possible candidates and policies. So, whether
you choose to vote or run for office, make your voice heard in the upcoming local elections!

Lee Murdock, President
League of Women Voters of Yakima County