The League does many things to ensure that democracy works.

  • Makes sure voters are registered through Voter Services
  • Informs the community of important issues and candidates
  • Publishes reports and studies
  • Takes action based on our positions through advocacy

Voter Services

The League encourages citizens to register and vote, and to participate in government and politics. The League achieves this by registering voters, proving nonpartisan information at community events, hosting ballot walkthroughs, sponsoring candidate forums, and more. Voter Services projects are eligible for funding through the League of Women Voters of Washington State Education Fund.

Would you like the League of Women Voters to have a table at your community event? If so, please contact us.

On July 31, 2023, Leroy Rothamel and his son, Ethan, joined League Member Danielle Surkatty in celebrating Ethan’s 18th birthday by visiting the LWV Voters booth during National Night Out and picking up a voter registration form.


One of the reasons for the political effectiveness of the League is its reputation for thorough study. Complete facts and pros and cons are researched before consensus and action. Members study and discuss the issues in small groups so that everyone has an opportunity to express an opinion.

As soon as a new issue is chosen by the membership we go after the facts. We draw on a variety of pro-con materials, develop our own resources, turn to experts and public officials for information, directly observe facilities and institutions and draw the community into the decision-making process through public meetings, surveys and media coverage.

Results of the study are compiled and discussed at a League Board meeting. Consensus is arrived at and becomes the basis of League position and action. This process is followed at local, state and national levels.

Learn more about the Study Process and see League Position Statements on the League Positions page.


We inform both our members and community members.

Our Members

The Voter Newsletter
• Public Forums
Study Publications


• Voter Registration at community events
Community Conversations
Candidate Forums


The league publishes a number of brochures and information on voting, including:

They Represent You – A yearly directory of public officials in each League’s county and the Legislature.

Study Material – In-depth studies on topics chosen and researched by our members. These studies are expected to lead toward political change.


The League of Women Voters is an action group. However, it may take action only on issues which have been extensively studied and on which the members agree. When the League has a position on any issue, separate material is published to promote the League’s stand. This is not funded by the Education Fund to ensure the distinction between League action and Voters Services information.

Our Actions

• Providing information to members and the public
• Building public opinion
• Supporting or opposing legislation

Ways We Take Action

• Use of public forums and the media
• Panel discussions
• League Newsletters
• Letters to public officials

It is the responsibility of each League Board to direct and plan League action, which may include “calls for action” to the membership.